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Collecting like terms linkupAlgebraCollecting like terms4cA quick practice for collecting like ter...Click here
Proportionality preparation quizAlgebraProportionality5bA list of general algebra questions that...Click here
Bananas! Introduction to solving simultaneous equationsAlgebraSimultaneous equations7cA engaging introduction to simultaneous ...Click here
Basic real life graphsAlgebraReal life graphs6c3 contextual questions that involve plot...Click here
Changing the subjectAlgebraRearranging formula5aA series of basic formulae with spaces f...Click here
Solving equations mix and matchAlgebraSolving linear equations6cCut up these squares - students have to ...Click here
Equation solving challengeAlgebraSolving linear equations5bDesigned as a starter, this "mini challe...Click here
Factorise (one term)AlgebraFactorisation6aA list of 10 factorisations that test th...Click here
Formula Identity Expression Equation sort activityAlgebraDefinitions6cA common skill tested at GCSE is the stu...Click here
Introducing simultaneous equationsAlgebraSimultaneous Equations5cGreat for introducing simultaneous equat...Click here
Introducing simultaneous equations IIAlgebraSimultaneous equations5bThis builds on the core concept in "Intr...Click here
Basic Linear GraphsAlgebraLinear Graphs5cThis simple "fill in the gaps" worksheet...Click here
Basic Linear Graphs 2AlgebraLinear Graphs5cThis worksheet extends the basic idea in...Click here
List of nth term (arithmetic) sequencesAlgebranth term7cThis is a single power point slide conta...Click here
Number MachinesAlgebraInverse Operations4bThis visual worksheet is designed to get...Click here
Rules of AlgebraAlgebraAlgebra rules5bThis document clearly describes 4 main r...Click here
One term expansionsAlgebraExpanding Brackets6aA set of expansions involving one set of...Click here
Square and cubic proportion questionsAlgebraProportion7aThis Power Point gives 3 key examples to...Click here
Substitution Challenge 1AlgebraSubstitution5bA list of quick basic substitutions that...Click here
Substitution challenge IIAlgebraSubstitution5bA second set of substitutions that can b...Click here
Substitution worksheet setAlgebraSubstitution6cThis set of worksheets each contain eith...Click here
Writing proportionality formulaeAlgebraProportion6aThis worksheet is a simplified introduct...Click here
-5 to +5 Four Quadrant grid and tableAlgebraLinear Graphs5aGraphing linear equations with students ...Click here
10 by 10 one Quadrant grid and tableAlgebraLinear Graphs4aGraphing linear equations with students ...Click here
Algebra PassportAlgebraAlgebraic manipulation5bWant to recap basic algebra and develop ...Click here
2=1 proofAlgebraProof8aThis resource is to help introduce the i...Click here
Proof writing framesAlgebraProof9bGet your students writing fully reasoned...Click here
Solve Simultaneous Equations using graphs and algebraAlgebraSimultaneous Equations7aThis powerpoint includes a general start...Click here
Collecting like terms with negativesAlgebraCollecting like terms5cThis set of 6 progressive worksheets gra...Click here
Collecting like terms with powersAlgebraCollecting like terms5aAn extension to the other collecting lik...Click here
Solving linear equationsAlgebraSolving linear equations6bA series of short worksheets that consis...Click here
Collecting like terms with powersAlgebraCollecting like terms5cAbstract algebraic practice questions to...Click here
Collecting like terms with subtractionAlgebraCollecting like terms5cAbstract questions that focus on collect...Click here
Substitution with additionAlgebraSubstitution5cBuild confidence and understanding with ...Click here
Substitution with divisionAlgebraSubstitution5bStudents often struggle with division, s...Click here
Substitution with multiplicationAlgebraSubstitution5cBuild understanding of algebraic substit...Click here
Substitution with subtractionAlgebraSubstitution5cSubstitution with subtraction is not as ...Click here
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