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Percentages of amounts question generatorNumberPercentages5bThis simple excel spreadsheet allows you...Click here
1 to 100 number gridsNumberMultiples4c1 to 100 number grids created in excel f...Click here
3 out of 5 - simple worded percentage questions.NumberPercentages5bThis activity uses repetition to helps s...Click here
Fractions into percentagesNumberPercentages5aThis "mini" activity sheet, designed for...Click here
Activote add subtract divide multiply quizNumberFour operations4aThis is a quiz designed to work with act...Click here
BKM Discount Office Supplies Autumn OffersNumberPercentages5bA real life problem solving activity inv...Click here
Comparing DecimalsNumberPlace Value4cThis quick activity requires students to...Click here
Decimal multiplicationsNumberDecimals5aMultiply a 2 dp decimal by a single digi...Click here
Decimals and Order of Operations mini worksheet packNumberDecimals5aDevelop decimal calculations to include ...Click here
Estimating and Approximating worksheet packNumberEstimating6aDevelop understanding of estimation and ...Click here
Exploring fractions with cuisenaire rodsNumberFractions4cExplore fractions using cuisenaire rods....Click here
Follow me decimal calculationsNumberFour operations5aThis "follow me" or "loop card" activity...Click here
Follow me equivalencesNumberProportion6bThis "Follow me" or "loop card" activity...Click here
Equivalent proportions link-upNumberProportion6cThis powerpoint slide is a simple matchi...Click here
Fraction shapesNumberFractions3aPushing the limits of deriving fractions...Click here
HCF and LCM contextual questionsNumberFactors and Multiples6aOften students need more practise with c...Click here
Decimal matchNumberDecimals5aThis matching activity involves the stud...Click here
Multiplication and moreNumberFour operations4aThis set of 7 carefully graduated A5 wor...Click here
Multiplying and dividing by decimalsNumberDecimals5bMultiplying and dividing by decimals min...Click here
Number cards 1 to 10NumberCounting1cThis fundamental resource consists of a ...Click here
Place value multiplicationsNumberPlace Value4bGet the answer to one calculation and us...Click here
Slap board proportionsNumberProportion4cWhat is 80 percent of 50? Get two studen...Click here
Using a calculatorNumberFour operations6aGeneral practise in using a calculator. ...Click here
Four operations with negative numbersNumberDirected numbers5aAdding, subtracting, multiplying and div...Click here
Standard Form ChallengeNumberStandard Form6aThis file consists of 4 differentiated w...Click here
Addition gridNumberAddition1cPoster of additions in grid style. Addin...Click here
Place Value PosterNumberPlace Value3aEnlarge this to make a colourful poster ...Click here
Add and subtract mixed number fractions - QuickNumberFractions6cA short activity to practice adding and ...Click here
Add and subtract mixed number fractionsNumberFractions6cThis activity consists of three differen...Click here
Comparing proportions - shortNumberProportion6cA short activity to practice comparing p...Click here
Comparing proportionsNumberProportion7cA carefully differentiated activity desi...Click here
Divide into a ratio and problem solving - shortNumberRatio5aProblem solving questions that involve d...Click here
Divide into a ratio and problem solvingNumberRatio5aAn extended activity which links problem...Click here
Mini topic test – mixed numbers, proportions and problem solvingNumberProportion6cA mini topic test containing a variety o...Click here
Multiply and divide fractions including mixed numbers - shortNumberFractions4aA short activity to practice multiplicat...Click here
Multiply and divide fractions including mixed numbersNumberFractions5bAn extended activity to practice multipl...Click here
Odd one out problemsNumberProperties5cThese odd one out questions challenge a ...Click here
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