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Applying types of averagesStatisticsAverages4bThis worksheet contains a range of examp...Click here
Mean from a frequency tableStatisticsAverages5aTwo mean from a frequency table question...Click here
Graph paper for projectionStatisticsGraphing5cDrawing graphs is often very challenging...Click here
Height vs Weight data - produce a correlationStatisticsCorrelation6aNeed some data to compare to find a corr...Click here
The great fast food suveryStatisticsData Collection4cGet the students to produce a data colle...Click here
Back to back stem and leaf diagramStatisticsRepresenting data7aIt can be difficult to find good example...Click here
Estimate of mean in ExcelStatisticsRepresenting data5aA visual reference to remind students ho...Click here
Example Box Plot in Microsoft ExcelStatisticsGraphing7cWant to compare box plots in Microsoft E...Click here
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